• georgewwhite

Weekend Pick: The Lennox Report

This bank holiday weekend, why not dedicate half an hour of your time to watching The Lennox Report?

Powerful yet entertaining, poignant yet amusing, this charming and important short film is well worth checking out - and it's completely free.

The film stars Amanda Bright, who features in the latest issue of IndieVisible magazine, as Kayla, an office worker who is forced to navigate the strange and often challenging world of at-home working - something many of us can sadly relate to.

Out of this jarring change, though, comes a joyful relationship with coworker Mark, played by the delightful Amit Shah. Despite not spending a second of screentime in the same room, the pair establish an enjoyable chemistry in a short space of time, and both actors clearly have a blast throughout.

Beyond the romance, though, The Lennox Report has some impactful messages on issues such as race and workplace boundaries, packing a significant punch into its relatively tight screenplay.

Fresh, fun and forceful, this little short leaves a big impression.