• georgewwhite

Weekend Pick: Sorry to Bother You

Powerful, unique and, at times, borderline bizarre, Boots Riley's 2018 indie Sorry to Bother You is one of the most interesting releases in recent years.

Following Cassius Green (LaKeith Stanfield), a telesales executive who works his way up the corporate ladder after finding out his 'white voice' helps to boost his performance, this trippy sci-fi comedy-drama is unlike anything you've seen before - in all the right ways.

Writer-director Riley uses a mind-bending, deeply engaging narrative to deliver impactful messages on everything from race to capitalism, packing a hell of a punch in a delightfully subtle, inventive manner.

Stanfield is magnificent in the leading role, navigating the twists and turns thrown at his character with ease. The Californian combines well with the incredibly talented Tessa Thompson, the pair establishing a flawed yet heartwarming relationship that feels real and authentic.

Stylish, smart and full of sensational talent, Sorry to Bother You really does bring something completely new, and completely nuts, to the indie scene.