• Jamie Morris

Weekend Pick: Promising Young Woman

The Oscars are right around the corner, and it’s looking promising that Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut could pick up a fair few.

Pidgeonholed by many as a rape-revenge thriller, Promising Young Woman is much more than that, dressed in the exterior of a fun rom-com yet concealing the broken heart of a solemn tragedy underneath.

Carey Mulligan gives an exceptional performance as Cassie, a directionless missile of a protagonist hellbent on getting payback on men who prey on vulnerable women, and the women who turn a blind eye to their atrocities.

There’s some tonal whiplash throughout — do we support Cassie? Are we always supposed to? — but Fennell ties these threads together for a stirring finale that laces its triumphant catharsis with a lingering sense of desolation.

It’s a raw and impassioned film, crying out for the world to change its ways. The very least that we can do is listen.