• Jamie Morris

Weekend Pick: Love and Monsters (2021)

If Godzilla vs. Kong left you craving more monster movies, Netflix might have your next fix...

In Love and Monsters, mutant apocalypse survivors Joel (Dylan O'Brien) and his girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick) have been living in separate bunkers for seven years, safe from the monsters that dwell above but in danger of life-long loneliness.

Determined to reuinite with his old flame, Joel braves the surface world, encountering plenty of slimy, cold-blooded creatures along the way.

It’s a fun teen movie, with its fair share of charming moments and all the production values of a big-screen blockbuster.

Granted, the film doesn’t push the boat out particularly far, and for the most part it resembles your typical post-apocatlypic zombie romp with some Kong: Skull Island–like set pieces thrown in.

But it’s an easy recommendation for light and easy lockdown viewing—it’s got love, it’s got monsters, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Love and Monsters is available on Netflix.