• georgewwhite

Weekend Pick: Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan Gosling is one of the most versatile actors on the planet right now. From suave jazz pianists to cold-hearted killers, there doesn't seem to be anything he can't do.

Yet his turn as Lars Lindstrom in Craig Gillespie's absurdist rom-com-drama Lars and the Real Girl poses perhaps his strangest - but also one of his most endearing - performances of the lot, taking Gosling's impressive flexibility to a whole new level.

The film follows Lars, a shy and delusional young man who finds true love from an unlikely source - a life-size doll he orders from the internet - much to the scepticism of those around him.

What may sound like some sort of low-end porn movie turns into a truly heartfelt indie romance, with Gosling in utterly fine form throughout.

As Lars' loved ones start to see his mood improve and his personality grow as a result of his strange relationship with this only-slightly-human-looking inanimate object, they become more understanding of his struggles and his situation, ending up more open-minded as a result.

For those wanting something slightly strange,but still full of warmth, top quality performances and powerful messages, this is definitely one to watch.