• Jamie Morris

Weekend Pick: Fallen Angels

"The night is full of weirdos," narrates Takeshi Kaneshiro's lovestruck mute character in Fallen Angels, the fifth feature film from Wong Kar-wai.

The dreamlike narrative combines two stories that amble along, free of logic – one explores the one-sided romantic attraction between a hitman and his assistant, and the other sees a man on a chaotic journey of self discovery that includes inexplicably force-feeding strangers copious amounts of ice cream.

The bizarre nightlife of Wong's world is brought to life with some of master cinematographer Christopher Doyle's most immersive work – the camera is rarely ever completely still and every scene is bathed in a muddy green, red and yellow colour palette. It's coupled with some great music, too.

This is a film to feel rather than think about, and while it pales in comparison to its more optimistic predecessor Chungking Express, it's another ethereal wonder from one of the world's greatest filmmaking talents.