• Jamie Morris

Weekend Pick - Bo Burnham: Inside

There's been a lot of talk since the start of the pandemic about a possible Covid canon: works of art that capture the lockdown experience.

We've witnessed less than stellar attempts, such as Black Mirror spin-off Death to 2020 frankensteining the year's memes into a highlight reel of overplayed gags.

But Comedian Bo Burnham – known in the film world as director of Eighth Grade and co-star of Promising Young Woman – has hand-crafted what could be considered the definitive lockdown film.

It's as indie as it gets, with Burnham producing, directing, shooting, writing and performing all of the comedy special's musical numbers from a single room.

The special is also beautifully shot, featuring innovative use of projectors and phone screens as light sources.

At 87 minutes, Inside may seem slightly long for a stand-up (well, mainly sit-down) routine, but the wit, relatability and boundless introspection make it a thoroughly rewarding watch.

Bo Burnham: Inside is available on Netflix.