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The Lennox Report (2020) Review

Amanda Bright and Amit Shah
Credit: The Lennox Report

Lockdown has brought unprecedented levels of isolation, frustration and mind-numbing boredom. Yet, at the same time, it has also shown the astounding ability of filmmakers to adapt to difficult situations.

Whether it is director Rob Savage getting under everyone's skin with his unnerving Zoom horror film Host, or the legendary David Tennant and Michael Sheen teaming up for online rehearsals in Staged, creators have not allowed the pandemic to stop them from being, well, creative.

Now husband-and-wife duo Amanda and Steve Bright have thrown The Lennox Report, a powerful yet thoroughly entertaining short film, into the mix.

Following the former's character Kayla - a professional forced to work from home due to coronavirus restrictions - as she develops a romantic relationship with co-worker Mark (Amit Shah), this film comments on everything from systemic racism to the global pandemic - but underpins its serious messages with serious laughs.

As well as tackling more overt forms of racism head-on, The Lennox Report intelligently focuses on the damaging behaviour of those who may not even know they are showing ignorance.

There is one particularly intimate conversation between Kayla and her friend Tarnia (Pearl Mackie) which says so much while saying so little, and it continues to have an impact long after the credits roll.

The film opens up a much-needed discussion in a delicately subtle way, but its message can still be heard loud and clear.

Available for free on YouTube, IndieVisible can report that this is well worth your time

As well as navigating significant issues with impeccable grace, The Lennox Report is an enjoyable short in its own right. The chemistry between Shah and Bright feels natural and believable, which is especially impressive considering the pair are never together in the flesh.

Shah shows countless flashes of the likeable charm that made him such an impressive performer in 2016 Phoebe Waller-Bridge series Crashing, his natural comedic ability making him a delight to watch.

And Bright leads the show with an engaging and layered performance. Having to display so many different emotions and go head-to-head with so many different actors without even being in the same room is no mean feat, but Bright nails it with relative ease.

Not all of the film's characters necessarily hit the mark, with some performers clearly struggling more with at-home working than others, but the majority bring fresh, enjoyable dynamics for the protagonist to deal with. A cameo from Adjoa Andoh, in particular, is an absolute joy to watch.

With important messages, entertaining moments and fantastic leading performances from Shah and Bright, The Lennox Report is a terrific example of how talented filmmakers can adapt to challenging situations.

Available for free on YouTube, IndieVisible can report that this is well worth your time.