• Daniela Loffreda

The Legend of Santa Trailer Is Out Now

The production and trailer for the animated short film, The Legend of Santa has been completed.

The Legend of Santa poster, AMCA Productions

The piece tells the heart-warming tale of how Bishop Nicholas became Santa Claus.

Inspired by the bonus chapter in writer Daniel Colyer’s book, A Magical Christmas Adventure, the animation depicts how Bishop Nicholas turns his woodcarving hobby into a mission to bring joy to children everywhere.

It was originally intended that the film would be a live action feature titled, Christmas Time.

But filming became impossible due to the pandemic.

AMCA Productions and the film’s directors Andrew De Burgh, Daniel Colyer and Laurie Ashbourne realised their initial plans needed adapting.

Andrew said: “Due to animation being a medium in which people can work from home remotely, doing an animated short film was something that the production company, the producers and I thought would be a good idea.”

A still from The Legend of Santa, AMCA Productions

Andrew has always been a big fan of Christmas and the project was a great opportunity to tell a story with Santa Claus as the protagonist.

The animation encompasses historical research on Saint Nicholas with the mythology and legend of Santa Claus to produce a moving piece of work with a powerful moral message.

It was paramount for Andrew to create a film which had a wider impact.

He believes that the message of compassion and generosity are more important than ever in a pandemic-stricken world.

He added: “Although a short film, this is something that I hope people can watch for a few minutes and forget about their problems in life.

“I approached it to try and tell the most magical, ethereal and innocent story possible.

“Perhaps this sounds somewhat idealistic, but I really want it to be something that brings people a measure of joy in some way when they watch it.

Cinema is a medium in which one can spread messages. With a lot of unnecessary greed in the world, I felt like this was a worthy message to showcase.”

Andrew also hopes that The Legend of Santa will be a good base to launch the teams’ initial project, Christmas Time if and when the pandemic subsides.

The trailer for the Legend of Santa is currently available to watch on YouTube.

A still from The Legend of Santa, AMCA Productions