• Daniela Loffreda

The Legend of Santa (2020) Review

Image of man with horse
AMCA Productions

The Legend of Santa is a moving and heart-warming piece of animation which serves as a timely reminder of the importance of showing compassion and generosity to all.

With no dialogue, the story is told solely through its magical visuals, with music scored by Spanish composer Marc Timón. Both flawlessly complement one another to produce a powerful and almost dream-like creation.

The short film tells the tale of how bishop Nicholas became Santa Claus. It follows his journey to bring joy to children across the globe after he discovers how much happiness one small gift can bring a child.

The Legend of Santa certainly provides a sanctuary from adversity

The piece is based on a bonus chapter in writer Daniel Daniel Colyer’s book, A Magical Christmas Adventure. It draws on historical research about Saint Nicholas in combination with the myth of Santa Claus. The result is a beautiful festive story.

Yet The Legend of Santa is much more than a Christmas film. Director Andrew de Burgh sets out to create a piece which gives viewers a small escape from the stresses of everyday life. In a world that is far too often plagued with greed and misfortune, The Legend of Santa most certainly provides a sanctuary from adversity.

We see not only the selflessness of bishop Nicholas, but also those that support him. When his journey takes unexpected turns, the compassion the bishop extends to the world is returned to him by strangers. It is a powerful and much needed reminder that small acts of kindness have far reaching positive influences and the viewer is invited to carry this realisation into their everyday life.

The Legend of Santa effortless immerses its viewers into its uplifting story. Running at only six minutes yet crafted with care, this brilliant piece is not only an excellent base to launch a longer feature but also a charming standalone creation.

Score: 8/10