• Charlie Vogelsang

Tales From The Occult (2022) Review

Written and directed by Fruit Chan, Fung Chih Chiang and Wesley Hoi, Tales From The Occult is a piece consisting of three short films about the hidden horrors in Hong Kong. This film is premiering in the UK at the Focus Hong Kong Making Waves Festival on Saturday 9 July...

As previously mentioned, this film contains three different stories and starts with Wesley Hoi’s The Chink. In this segment, the film follows a pop singer named Yoyi Koo (played by Cherry Ngan) who experiences frightful events in her newly renovated apartment. She has frequent nightmares and shocking visions that add to her fears. It’s soon revealed that she witnessed something horrific years ago and failed to report it, with her guilt fuelling her paranoia.

In the second segment, Dead Mall by Fruit Chan, the story showcases an influencer named Wilson Yeung (played by Jerry Lamb) who gets mixed up in a ghastly happening in a run-down shopping centre as he investigates it for his vlog. However, he’s not the only one there as another online personality is snooping around. It’s after this moment that things really become intense and truly frightening.

Tales From The Occult blends both psychological and physical horror together to create a film that will constantly keep you on your toes

The final part of the film is Fung Chih-chiang’s The Tenement, which follows a young writer named Ginny (played by Sofiee Ng) who sees an eerie figure in the stairwell of her apartment block. She informs the residents and they band together to try to figure out what to do about this ghost. In a shocking twist, the residents decide to dispose of this unwanted visitor themselves to avoid their properties dropping in price. The most disturbing thing is how these residents will literally battle a supernatural entity to avoid losing money.

Despite this being an anthology film, all the segments fit together in a cohesive way in terms of the creepy tones and the overall presentation of the cinematography. This is only enhanced by the excellent music and ambient sounds throughout, which only add to the atmosphere.

It’s also worth mentioning that each of the films contain excellent performances, with no single actor bringing down the different films. However, the clear stand-out throughout is Cherry Ngan, who is simply compelling to watch - and she steals every scene she is in.

Tales From The Occult blends both psychological and physical horror together to create a film that will constantly keep you on your toes - expect the unexpected. There is not a dull moment in this anthology and it’s an unmissable watch for horror fans. It’s a uniquely modern take on the traditional ghost story format that is a masterclass in horror.


Tales From The Occult is premiering in the UK at Focus Hong Kong's Making Waves on Saturday 9 July at 9pm in the Garden Cinema in London. Buy tickets here.