• Kieran Burt

Super (2010) Review

Rainn Wilson and Elliot Page star in this weak comedy as Frank Darbo and Libby.

When drug dealer Jacques (Kevin Bacon) kidnaps Frank’s wife Sarah, the leading man must suit up as The Crimson Bolt and, together with Libby's alter-ego Boltie, make a desperate attempt to rescue her.

This film is unnecessarily violent. There are multiple stabbings, and gallons of blood split in the name of a comedy, but it is all too much. The gore is attempting to be part of the humour, but it forgets that violence alone isn’t funny. Hot Fuzz is violent, but its humour comes from the strong dialogue and music, both of which this film lacks. James Gunn forgets that violence for violence’s sake is never enjoyable when everything else is lacking.

The special effects are poor, even by 2010 standards. One scene, in which Wilson's character has a vision that God touches him, is so shoddy that it ruins any immersion in the film. When effects are done as badly as this, the small budget the film becomes distractingly clear.

This is, without a doubt, James Gunn’s worst film by far.

The characters in this film are also quite poor. Frank Darbo is the only one who truly has justice done to him, as the loss of his wife drives him mad. His descent is what drives the film, and it is only after his wife’s rescue that Frank realises he has gone too far.

Libby’s character, on the other hand, is simply not good. They only exist as a sidekick to Frank, and only have the one character trait. They think violence is super cool and do unspeakable things throughout the film's runtime. As a viewer, this is jarring. The tiny bit of conflict being presented between the characters isn’t believable; the film resolves it too quickly and has no lasting effect.

Super also wastes Kevin Bacon as Jacques. After his first scene, he is hardly in the film, and when he is it is only to play a generic drug boss. Gregg Henry’s Detective John Felkner has no noteable role either. He is only in three scenes that do not impact the overall plot at all, before his character meets an underwhelmingly unhappy end.

Overall, the only two upsides to the film are Frank’s character and its short run time. Yet unlikeable side characters, poor special effects and excessive and ultimately pointless violence brings it crashing down. This is, without a doubt, James Gunn’s worst film by far.