• georgewwhite

Summer with Mrs. Von Mausch (2011) Review

Recently made available to watch for free on Movie-Blogger, short film Summer with Mrs. Von Mausch is a sweet, heartfelt story of an unlikely friendship.

The film follows Summer, played by Molly Learner, as she visits her work-obsessed father in New York and spends her days stuck inside, bored and alone.

That is until she meets Claudia Von Mausch (Annie McGreevey), her father's noisy neighbour who becomes a saving grace for Molly in an otherwise uneventful trip to the big city.

What follows is a genuine, uplifting chemistry between the pair as they find solace in each other's company. Learner is impressive in the lead role, putting in a layered performance without having much in the way of dialogue.

The technical limitations of the short are undoubtedly apparent, with some of the sound editing slightly lacking in finesse, and one photo montage feeling slightly too reminiscent of a primary schooler's first time on Microsoft Powerpoint.

Besides this, though, Summer with Mrs. Von Mausch is a stylish, charming little film with its heart in the right place.