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Spotlight On: Jamie Anderson

A photo of Jamie Anderson on set

IndieVisible chats to up-and-coming director Jamie Anderson, who has already picked up praise for her work behind the camera, about her transition away from acting, her recent project I Won’t Say I Love You and what’s next for her career.

You've had a successful career as an actress but it's only really recently that you've ventured into directing. How have you found the transition so far?

I love it. I directed my first short film, Punching Bag, in 2017. I was writing throughout my acting career but wanted to fully commit to being behind the camera. I found that even when I jumped in my own films for a cameo, I was wishing I was directing. That’s when I knew I loved directing more than anything.

The decision to start working behind the camera is already paying dividends, with you being named as "The New Female Film Director to Watch Out For in 2020" by Viva Glam Magazine. How has it felt to receive such plaudits?

Thank you so much. It always feels good to work hard at something and be positively recognised for it. It definitely gives me fuel to push on. I think the key to anything is always striving to be and give my absolute best, regardless. I want to know in my own heart I have left it all out on the field.

You're also a very promising up-and-coming writer and were named on the "Top 25 Writers to Watch in 2018" by The International Screenwriters' Association. What stories do you aim to tell and why do you feel these are important?

I aim to tell thought-provoking stories that move an audience, make them laugh at the absurdities of life, realise they’re not alone, and hopefully come out the other side transformed.

What drew you to your recent project I Won’t Say I Love You?

The biggest draw for me was the idea of the main character rediscovering herself without her son, and the scary but exciting possibilities that awaited her. People lose themselves in all kinds of relationships, so I think that aspect is very relatable.

The film brought you to the Cotswolds in the UK. How was it to shoot the first half of the movie there compared to the second half in LA?

I’ve always loved the UK. I found the Cotswolds so picturesque, and the people incredibly welcoming and charming. Shooting in the Cotswolds first, and then going back to LA for exteriors, made me feel like I was a bit in The Holiday! LA has these iconic landmarks and I wanted to contrast that with the beautiful, quaint English town.

You have some other exciting projects in the works, including a feature in Rome, and Pregnant in Las Vegas. Tell us a little more about those.

I will be directing the feature in Rome, which I co-wrote, in summer. Then, I will be directing Pregnant in Las Vegas, which I wrote for Patriot Pictures. It’s a big comedy in the vein of Hangover and is slated to shoot this autumn. I’m so excited to get back to set - and I can’t wait for the day I get to hug my cast and crew.