• Charlie Vogelsang

Singapore International Film Festival 2020: 5 Films To Look Out For

With the announcement of all the films featured at the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), here are the 5 films to watch out for.

The Singapore International Film Festival has announced its full line-up of films for this year’s event. The festival is now in its 31st year and will take place from November 26 to December 6 combining physical and virtual screenings.

Over 70 films from over 49 countries are featured in the festival this year and will open with satirical comedy Tiong Bahru Social Club on November 26. SGIFF is split into six categories: Asian Feature Competition, Southeast Asian Short Film Competition, Singapore Panorama, Asian Vision, Cinema Today, and Moonlight Cinema.

To celebrate this incredible festival line-up, we’ve picked 5 of our most anticipated films from the festival and why you should check them out.


Directed by Chinese filmmaker Zheng Lu Xinyuan in her debut feature, The Cloud in Her Room follows a young woman named Muzi who returns to her hometown for Chinese New Year. The film shows Muzi’s journey of self-discovery as she encounters her friends, family and lovers. It looks to be a moving piece on relationships and the difference between generations as Muzi seems to be stuck between her familiar past and her foreign future.

The Cloud In Her Room will be showing November 28 and December 5 at Filmgarde Bugis+. Find out more here.


Set to open the festival, Tan Bee Thiam’s directorial debut looks to be an imaginative and mischievous film. It follows a bored office worker named Ah Bee who leaves his miserable job to join the Tiong Bahru Social Club - a programme that aims to create the happiest neighbourhood in the world. He is employed and tasked with caring for a rebellious elderly resident who only joined for the freebies. It seems like a quirky but thought-provoking comedy that will question social constructs in Singapore.

Tiong Bahru Social Club will be showing November 26 at Shaw Lido and online. Find out more here.


In the directorial debut of Fanny Chotimah, You and I is a heartfelt documentary that centres on two elderly women and their friendship. The two women met in prison during the mid 1960s as political detainees. After they were released, they decided to live together. You and I captures the simplicity of friendship and the beauty of kindness.

You and I is showing December 2 at Oldham Theatre and online. Find out more here.


The second film of Ivan Ayr, Milestone, is a slow-burning of a Punjabi trucker in New Delhi who has covered 500,000 kilometres - more than any other trucker has done. Milestone is a layered film that follows a man grappling with his loneliness due to life passing on. From a workers’ strike, the death of his wife and a serious pain in his back, he soon wonders what his life currently is and what will be the end.

Milestone is showing November 29 and December 2 at Filmgarde Bugis+. Find out more here.


Helmed by Korean auteur Hong Sang-Soo, The Woman Who Ran is a slice-of-life story centred on a woman travelling around the world without her husband for the first time ever. During her trip, she sees three different friends and gains an insight into their lives plus seeing the divergent paths she could’ve taken.

The Woman Who Ran is showing December 1 and 5 at Filmgarde Bugis+. Find out more here.

Find out about more of their films on their official website.