• Daniela Loffreda

Screening Days Set To Make Virtual Comeback In December

Shot from Aleem Khan's 'After Love'. Source: Independent Film Office

The Independent Cinema Office has organised three days of virtual screenings, panel sessions and discussions, tailored to cinema professionals.

The online event will take place from 7-10 December and aim to help cinemas discover the right films to cater for their wide audiences.

The screening marks the first time the ICO will host such an event online, in response to social distancing guidelines.

The company said: “We think independent cinemas are best when their programming stands out. Screening Days aims to support ambition in cinema programming and sustainability.”

Alongside film viewings, four sessions and discussions have been arranged which aim to guide and support cinemas during these unprecedented times.

The topics considered will include the approaches for the survival of independent cinemas both during and post COVID-19 and improving the quality of experience for disabled audience members.

The Screening Days are open foremost to both industry professionals and volunteers.

However, there are also passes available for those who do not yet work in film, but are interested in attending.

The ICO hope that the Screening Days will also help attract a wider range of audiences to independent British and world cinema and create a stronger network and community feeling in the industry.

Numerous titles have been confirmed so far, such as After Love, The Filmmaker’s House and MLK/FBI.

The full schedule will be released in late November.

The deadline for registration is 30 November, but it is recommended to book early due to limited capacity and high demand.

For more information, visit the ICO’s website.