• Charlie Vogelsang

Rough Cut (2020) Review

Two arthouse filmmakers finally snapped after getting rejected by a producer and decide to get their revenge in this found footage horror film.

Rejection is something that haunts many people but most manage to get over and become stronger. Rough Cut shows exactly what happens when two art filmmakers get their revenge on the producer who shunned their work. Ricki Hostutler is a quad-threat in this film as he writes, directs, produces and stars.

Rough Cut follows Mark and Ryan, played by Ricki Houstutler and Korab Uka respectively, who are both creative filmmakers struggling to make their first movie. They get rejected and slightly mocked by a producer named John, played by Paul Block, who tells them to basically sex and gore up their script.

Clearly, the guys take this badly as they plan to invade John’s home and forcefully persuade him to make their arthouse film anyway. The only problem is that John isn’t home when invading, but unfortunately John’s wife Stacy, played by Nina Maria Lara Daniels, is there to greet the invaders.

Watching Rough Cut is like watching a gruesome accident - it’s tough to keep watching but you don’t want to miss a single moment

The film opens up with a random montage including footage of a decaying deer. It certainly sets the sinister and eerie tone of the movie as it feels uncomfortable to watch. Rough Cut is a horror film shot in a found footage style making the film seem more like a documentary than a fictional tale. This adds to the suspense of the home invasion as it feels like someone’s private home movie instead of a feature film.

Rough Cut contains a small cast of six people, but every character fits into the narrative well. From the menacing Ryan to the disturbed Stacy, no one is overdoing their performance. Hostutler is especially creepy and terrifying. There is a moment towards the end where he just talks to the camera and it feels like the secret video diary of a psychopath. The two home-invaders are so unlikeable but are played so well - they are the characters you love to hate.

Watching Rough Cut is like watching a gruesome accident - it’s tough to keep watching but you don’t want to miss a single moment. From Stacy’s constant harassment and abuse to seeing the invaders snap at inopportune moments, Rough Cut is a horror film that definitely stands out. There is nothing too inventive on screen, but the idea of creatives losing it after years of rejection is an interesting concept that isn’t explored well enough in modern media.

The film has random moments slotted in between the action that slightly feels out of place, but this unpredictability fits in with the madness of Mark’s character. Rough Cut is surprisingly an entertaining horror film with an incredible cast. Don’t expect a huge budget production, but get ready for a film that will genuinely creep you out.


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