• Charlie Vogelsang

Out of Time (2020) Review

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

This Liverpool based drama was recently released on Amazon Prime and follows a young person struggling with their gender identity and having to reveal their secret to their closed-minded father as he returns from prison.

The director, Leon Lopez, decided to take on the script of Out of Time as he wanted to focus on both family and LGBT themes in a film. The writer of the film (and the actress who plays Sam), Kerry Williams, makes a script that shows the struggle of an individual going through an intense battle with their identity - but also the family's too.

In Out of Time, the film follows a child named Connor, played by Frankie Friend in his debut role, who struggles with their identity. Connor is born as a male, but realises that they are born in the wrong body. After speaking to a psychiatrist and gaining support from their mother, Connor wishes to transition into a female.

Unfortunately, Connor’s recently released father named Danny, played by Jamie Cousins, is a little old fashioned. He is a traditional masculine male who believes that men should be strong and stick to gender roles. The family struggles to tell him and worry about how he’ll react. Out of Time shows how the family deals with this new development and how the dynamic will change because of it.

It’s refreshing to see a sensitive topic handled with such care. The cast are all phenomenal and feel like genuine people instead of just actors. Friend is clearly the stand-out with a heart wrenching performance that doesn’t feel like he is overreacting or forcing out emotions. Every little moment, Friend is fantastic and it’s clear to see what he is feeling. It’s a tough role for any child to play, but Friend acts in a compassionate way that doesn’t feel like they are trying to make light of an important topic.

Williams, who plays Connor’s mum named Sam, is simply outstanding as a mother trying to support and understand her child. It’s clear to see that she just wants what is best for Connor and for them to be happy. Even if it causes a rift between her husband or causes cruel words to be thrown at the family, she will do anything to make her child feel comfortable in their own skin.

Out of Time is an emotional ride that is enjoyable to watch

The rest of the cast are all equally talented from the main stars to the smaller side characters. Out of Time shows that people can be ignorant and mean but it’s due to something they’ve never dealt with before. The film shows that people don’t like change because they don’t understand it. Once people have been more educated, they begin to understand.

The only thing that seemed to let the film down was the subplot of Sam and her estranged mother Sheila, played by Bernadette Foley, as it seemed too slow at the start. Thankfully, it pays off towards the end and becomes more understandable - but initially it’s a little boring to follow. Lopez just shows Sheila doing her mundane everyday life for half of the film before giving us any vital information.

Despite this, Out of Time is an emotional ride that is enjoyable to watch. There are tough moments in which Connor is put through appalling situations, but Connor is comforted by his mum throughout most of them. The film doesn’t try to solve the issue or resolve everything fully with a sunshine ending where everything will be okay, but Out of Time shows that people can stop hating once they begin to understand.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry - but most importantly, you’ll enjoy watching Out of Time. This is a film to check out if you want to be enlightened and see a real family go through something big together.


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