• Roshan Chandy

One Voice, One Mic (2019) Review

A man talking into a microphone
A still from One Voice, One Mic. Credit: Filmhub

A history trip for podcasters of all kinds.

This is a fascinating short documentary about podcasting and all its high and lows. I know a lot about this being a podcaster myself with his own show, What You Been Watching?. I certainly think it's a fabulous medium for film criticism as many people don't have the time to read film reviews, but can always switch on a podcast while ironing, doing the washing up or whatever.

This film is directed by Ben Gummery, who also narrates. It's littered with interviews from major podcasters in the world of Doctor Who podcasts, political podcasts and even "how to clean your arse" podcasts.

I especially loved the line from the guy who said podcasting is literally pressing record and sending it off to iTunes. It's a terrific medium for those with no background in broadcast journalism.

I also loved the history lesson Gummery gives when taking us back to how podcasting first got its name from The Guardian in 2004. I'm not a Guardian reader - I find them smug and morally superior - but they did come up with podcasting, and the world is a better place as a result of it.


One Voice, One Mic is on Amazon Prime now.