• Kieran Burt

Oh, Baby! (2020) Review

Oh, Baby! is a short, ten minute comedy film directed by Brooke Trantor. It follows Jane (Kate Morgan Chadwick), a thirty-something-old pregnant woman looking for a one night stand.

The other main character in the film, Ben (T.J. Linnard), is the suitor for Jane. There is a final character, waiter Dan, who is a side character.

The plot of the film is quite simple, following a date night, but is elevated because of the comedy and dialogue. This turns what would be a boring activity to watch into one that is quite funny. Seeing the pair navigate the situation is thoroughly entertaining.

The side character Dan (Samson Moeakiola) deserves particular mention. While he only has a minor role in the short, it is made memorable through his humorous interaction with Jane and Ben. His first scene with Jane is the most memorable, and he elevates every moment.

Another particularly entertaining bit of the short that deserves mention is the ending. It is shot to lead the audience in one direction, only to pull the rug from under them.

Overall, this film is an enjoyable watch, with humorous dialogue and a humorous situation.


Oh, Baby! is available to watch at the Dances with Films Festival.