• Charlie Vogelsang

My Executioner (2020) Review

Helen Snow Entertainment and Studio 67 UK collaborate to produce a film in which a mysterious figure called The Executioner decides to play god to decide if a woman named Chelsea should pay for her transgressions.

Chucks Mordi’s latest film, My Executioner, stars Helen Snow as a woman named Chelsea who is locked in a dark room with no way out and no explanation. Snow acts as a triple threat by starring as lead actress, developing the story for the film and producing with her company Helen Snow Entertainment.

In the film, Chelsea awakens in a claustrophobic and dingy room with almost no lights to guide her. The room is accompanied by spiders, cobwebs and skulls just to add further fear to the main character. She soon finds out that a mysterious woman named The Executioner, played by Veronica Uzokwe in her debut role, has trapped her in the room. It’s explained that The Executioner is judging Chelsea for her previous sins and intends to punish her for them.

The rest of the film follows Chelsea’s struggles as she is forced down memory lane to remember her six ex-husbands who all met a tragic fate. Chelsea is made to endure drugging, starvation and degrading treatment in order for The Executioner to find out the truth of what exactly happened in Chelsea’s past.

In My Executioner, the lead character is sadly a huge disappointment. Snow has moments of outstanding acting towards the end, but during the majority of the film her acting style is extremely exaggerated and a little offputting at times. It is understandable that someone might react strongly in this traumatic situation, but Snow just isn’t realistic or believable.

Watch My Executioner for a mediocre time, but stay for fantastic Veronica Uzokwe

This could be due to the small budget of the film, which is evident throughout. One of the main settings of the movie, the box that Chelsea is in, has distractingly low quality props. The spiders, cobwebs and skulls look incredibly cheap and fake. If the camera blurred around them, it could create a more believable atmosphere - but the director instead focuses on them a little too closely throughout the film.

The best thing about the movie is definitely The Executioner. Her character is calm and collected, delivering cruel remarks from beginning to end. It’s a testament to the actress, Uzokwe, that she manages to convey a full range of emotions while staying almost completely hidden. The Executioner is incredibly interesting and the audience is left wanting to know more.

My Executioner is a highly ambitious film that unfortunately lacks the budget to properly deliver. If the quiet sound, special effects and shaky camera movements were fixed, then it could be a great movie. The concept of the film is interesting and a few of the twists are genuinely surprising and heart wrenching, but the start of the film is slightly boring and fails to hook the viewer in for the ride.

Watch My Executioner for a mediocre time, but stay for the fantastic performance from Veronica Uzokwe as the villain.


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