• Jack Proverbs

Interview with Rebecca Grant, Star of Holby City, Safe Space and More

Social Media Editor Jack Proverbs chats to Nottingham-born actor Rebecca Grant, best known for Holby City, Tiger Aspect's Prisoners Wives II and the award-winning short film Safe Space.

Has being from Nottingham played a key role in your early career and decision to become an actor?

The decision to become an actress probably did come from that hard-working Nottingham attitude that most young boys and girls have. That general community support towards extra-curricular activities, there's a lot of creativity in the city.

You’ve been part of some really important projects, such as Safe Space. How does it feel to work on short films with such powerful messages behind them?

It's moving to get to act in these films, they're very purposeful. You can change the course of someone's thinking or journey in life by doing those sort of things. From film, to TV, to perfomance, it brings you as an actor closer to the other world. It brings my world and my character's worlds together.

Working on Safe Space bought to life the barriers of having to escape from a country where people are being oppressed and having to flee in awful aways to seek asylum. It brings to life the freedom in our culture, but then it brings to life the freedoms they have in different ways. There's the moralistic values they have which we have almost lost from our culture.

It's informative, awakening and enlightening from an actor's point of view.

You're mucking in on independent films. I tend to want to help people out and get involved and support in any way.

As an actor, what are the main differences you’ve noticed between working on independent films and working on roles for a big company?

Production value, of course, is very different. You're mucking in on independent films and some are very hit and miss. I tend to want to help people out and get involved and support in any way.

There are so many talented producers, writers, directors who I would love to work with and I'm working with more and more.

You’ve not long finished filming the next season of Queens of Mystery. Is there anything you can tell us about your character, Natasha?

It's a bigger part; she has more stomping ground. All I can say is she gets involved in more forensic work and Matilda's work slightly more.

I can't say much more, but a lot of stuff happens which turns her story and her life upside down!

What’s been the proudest achievement of your career so far?

I would say it was very scary to be one of the first barristers in Showtrial to stand up and do my speeches on this major production. Working with some of the most incredible actors and hoping that I stepped up to the task.

All I was thinking was that I'm going to do this for my grandfather who was a barrister in the Philippines and represented the poor. He won a lot and was a very good lawyer. I channeled him and I asked for his guidance. This was one of the proudest moments of my career.

Another big moment was representing Filipinos as 'Daisha Anderson' on Holby City 12 years ago, which was just a beautiful thing. Filipinos are the second largest national group working in the UK and that has not really been noted since I've left Holby, which is a shame really.

My final greatest achievement was a West End job in Bombay Dreams. My first goal as a dancer was to have a role in a West End production, which later made me want to pursue acting.

What’s your top tips for new actors going into the industry?

Make sure all your headshots and materials are of a good quality. Keep writing and calling agents. Get everything in place and do all that hard work.

Just enjoy the journey of auditioning and get your stuff in place and the work will come.

Finally, what’s next for you going forward? Are there any other projects you’re working on?

I have a very sweet children's book called Harry Saves The Ocean which I'm doing the audio for on Amazon and is coming out soon.

There are also my other projects of Show trial and Queens of Mystery coming out, and I'll be doing some auditioning - so a lot of exciting things to look forward too!

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