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Interview with Matt Poidevin, Director of Forever House

The cast and crew of Forever House
The cast and crew of Forever House

We chat to Matt Poidevin, director of creepy short film Forever House and producer at Eyre Highway Productions, about everything from the importance of loss in the movie to the impressive global response it has received so far.

Loss is the central focus of this film. Why was that such an important topic to delve into?

Loss is a universal experience that each of us have experienced. The short film gave us an opportunity to dig into this and we will be exploring this further in our feature film.

Channeling the struggles of losing loved ones into a horror is a really interesting decision. How did that come about?

When examining different reactions to loss, grief was the one we kept returning to. We wanted to explore the isolation grief can bring, the desperate hope that we are still connected to our lost loved ones and what changes that can bring in us. We felt that this lent itself to the horror genre.

The film has some incredibly creepy moments, such as when a child’s tricycle starts moving on its own. How difficult was it to pull off these scenes, or was it a fun process?

It was an enjoyable process to pull these few shots off. Not having a huge budget, we needed to find a more creative and practical way to do it. With the use of a small amount of visual effects we were able to achieve these shots. It was pretty exciting to see the final shot intercut back into the movie.

The global response has been quite overwhelming and we’re receiving a lot of great feedback

Francesca Waters seems to be having a blast in the antagonist role. How great was she to work with?

Francesca is a gifted actress who brings a lot ideas to set. It was an exciting experience for me to watch her build the character of Martha and to see the nuanced character moment within her performance. As with Laura McAloney and Marcus Hensley, Francesca really made shooting the film an incredible working experience for everyone involved.

The film has been nominated for a few awards, including at the Paris Short Film Festival. How has the response been so far?

The global response has been quite overwhelming and we’re receiving a lot of great feedback. We’ve been incredibly lucky that Forever House has been accepted in a lot of wonderful film festivals including Paris.

We have had 10 award nominations, including Best Director, and have won two awards for Best Short Film at the Medusa Film Festival and Best Experimental Short at the London Indie Film Festival. To top it off, In June Forever House premiered on Australian commercial television, as part of a programme called Outta The Can. We are very proud of this film and what it has achieved thus far.

What’s next for yourself and Eyre Highway Productions?

It’s an exciting time for Eyre Highway Productions, we have a number of projects slated to be produced over the next 5 years. This includes a feature length version of Forever House titled “Martha: Tales from Forever House”, written by Kerryn Markulin.

Forever House is now available to stream world wide in the SOFY.TV app.