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Interview with Caytha Jentis, Writer of Pooling to Paradise

Photo of Caytha Jentis

We catch up with Caytha Jentis, writer of witty comedy-drama Pooling to Paradise, about her inspiration for the film, creating memorable characters and plans for the future...

Where did you get the idea to write a carpool comedy?

I was in LA sharing a ride share with a friend. We got into a deep conversation with the driver. I invited him to dinner with us. Over dinner, he shared a story about how his friend found love in Paradise – how his friend moved to Paradise, Nevada to win back his girlfriend and they were now getting married. I borrowed that story and our random connection with our driver, and the fictional story was born.

Why was that a good premise for this sort of film?

Road movies are a genre that includes stories like The Wizard of Oz which is the archetype my movie follows. Four strangers who are on their own unique journey. On the journey they become friends and it’s the power of the friendship that helps them find the strength within.

It’s been a challenging year with the pandemic for an indie, but the small screenings we’ve had have been overwhelmingly positive

There are some really memorable characters (for different reasons) in this one. What was the inspiration for creating these different personas?

Another movie I’ve been compared to is The Breakfast Club. Each character is a composite of millennial friends of mine who were grappling with contemporary ‘adulting'. I wanted to explore fourth wave feminism through the eyes of a thirty-something mother and single woman.

This movie has already won awards including Best Screenplay at the Beyond the Curve International Film Festival. How have you found the response to Pooling to Paradise so far?

We also won Best Feature at Fort Myers Film Festival and were the opening night film at the Female Eye Film Festival. It’s been a challenging year with the pandemic for an indie, but the small screenings we’ve had have been overwhelmingly positive.

What are your plans going forward now, that Pooling to Paradise is close to release?

I wrote and produced a short film called April Showers that is entered into festivals for autumn and I'm very excited about that. I’ve done some short plays as well as written several essays that have been picked up by various publications. I am also starting a new script that I plan to work on this summer at the Austin Film Festival Writers Retreat.

Pooling to Paradise will be released on VOD August 3rd.