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IndieVisible Podcast Episode 2 - Interview with Joanna Rudolph

In episode two of the IndieVisible podcast, host Gideon Allen is joined by Joanna Rudolph, producer of touching short film Summer with Mrs. Von Mausch.

Written and directed by David Pomes, who also stars as Paul Getty, the film follows a thirteen year old girl who develops an unlikely friendship with the eccentric next door neighbor of her divorced father, who is ill-prepared for her New York City visit.

The film stars Molly Learner as the young Summer Getty, with Annie McGreevey in the titular role of Claudia Von Mausch.

We really enjoyed talking to Joanna about the filmmaking process and the role of a producer, and we hope you enjoy listening to this episode.

You can also check out our review of this fun little film if you fancy it, which we gave a 7/10 and described as a stylish, charming short with its heart in the right place.