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IndieVisible Podcast Four - Interview with Kaitlyn Clare, Writer and Star of After This

In the latest episode of the IndieVisible podcast, host Natasha Alvar chats to Kaitlyn Clare - the brains behind, and star of, upcoming short drama After This.

Kaitlyn is an award-winning Australian actor and filmmaker, and has featured in productions such as The Condemned and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

She earned a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Performance, Theatre Studies, Film and Television Studies) from Monash University before moving to Los Angeles to build her successful career. Kaitlyn also loves animals, and has worked professionally with horses, dolphins, and seals.

After This synopsis: "Terminally-ill Annie and the two loves of her life - her partner Liam and their dog Whiskey - retreat to a secluded location for what seems like a relaxing weekend away. In reality, it's their last weekend together."

Trigger warning: This podcast includes discussions of euthanasia and other sensitive topics.

Intro music is Music Through Love ft. Kara Square by Apoxode.