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IndieVisible Magazine Issue One - Out Now

The first issue of the IndieVisible e-magazine is now available, and it's completely free of charge! Featuring interviews with incredible filmmakers, retrospective reviews of some of the greatest movies of all time and much, much more, there's something for every indie film fan around the globe.

You can find the issue, as well as a letter from editor George White, below. We hope you enjoy!


Let’s face it, it would be impossible not to start the editor’s letter of a brand new independent film magazine without saying it’s a difficult time for the industry. The pandemic has brought many productions to a halt and shut the doors of cinemas around the globe. I, like countless others, miss sitting in front of a giant silver screen, getting lost in a powerful story created by talented artists, so very much.

Yet we at IndieVisible are focused on the positives. We created this magazine to provide a positive voice for all films - and within this e-magazine we talk about plenty. Whether discussing award-winning music documentaries like Bleeding Audio or hard hitting socio-political commentaries like iHuman, we will shine a light on some of the most exciting indie movies cooked up over the last year.

We’ll also look back at classic films like 2011’s Drive, or the phenomenal career of indie stalwarts like Takeshi Kitano, to take you back to simpler times. We will even hear from award-winning director Andrew de Burgh about how he turned the last few months into successful ones, with the release of his charming animation The Legend of Santa.

So, yes, the last year has been utterly woeful in so many ways. But over the next 20 pages we hope to give you a chance to escape all that and focus on the utter joy that independent films, and the brilliantly talented creators behind them, can provide.

IndieVisible Magazine - Winter 2021
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