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Hello there.

Much like Daniels, we’re back after a bit of a hiatus - but unlike Daniels, we can’t necessarily promise a mind-blowing, reality-altering experience in this issue. What we can promise, though, is plenty of indie film goodness. By highlighting unique small-budget projects like Honk (p9), a charming documentary that tracks the friendship between filmmaker Cheryl Allison and a goose (yes, you read that right), to Being There (p14), a raw, emotional short film from our friends at Long Time Dead Productions, we’re continuing to shine a light on projects that we believe more people need to see.

Yet we also take a look at some classics, with Charlie Vogelsang choosing her favourite Kevin Smith movies (p20) and Aaron Roe diving into Martin Scorsese's underrated 1974 masterpiece Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (p18). And if that’s not enough, we weigh in on some of the hot topics of the moment, with Jack Francis making the argument that Apple TV+ is slowly winning the streaming war (p16) and Jamie Morris chatting about what would surely be his expert category on Mastermind - anime (p17).

While we can’t offer everything everywhere all at once, we’ve tried to come as close to that as possible. We hope you enjoy!

Peace x

George White, Editor.