• Roshan Chandy

Ghost (2020) Review

A still from the film Ghost
Credit: Story Image

Following a man with a rough past who looks to mend fences with his son, Ghost is a dark feature written and directed by Anthony Z. James.

Lead actor Anthony Mark Streeter, who plays the main character of Tony Ward, has a hulking physicality about him. He combines the redneck grit of Eddie Marsan with the vulnerability of Paddy Considine.

Streeter is brilliant here as an ex-con boxer trying to reconnect with his twentysomething son, Conor (Nathan Hamilton), before his violent past catches up with him.

This is a bruising and gritty drama shot entirely on an iPhone and makes good use of spectacular London locations.

We open with a backward tracking shot of Streeter’s Tony Ward walking down a canal. In fact, there’s a lot of shots of characters walking from behind. This gives the sense that you are following the characters on their journey forwards and never looking back.

This is a great feature debut for director James

The father-son chemistry at the film’s core can be genuinely heartbreaking, with one fight in an alleyway particularly powerful, and genuinely heartwarming, such as when they bond while sharing a pizza at their family house.

Streeter cuts an intimidating figure as Tony - bearded, grizzled, and an almost shaved headed. Hamilton is the opposite - weedy, small, good-looking. Both contrast each other really well.

There are flaws. Let’s be honest, Nathan’s storyline with his pregnant girlfriend is a bit underdeveloped. The climax is also a bit too Guy Ritchie-esque with its use of guns and geezas, featuring excessive and pointless violence including a hammer and a kitchen knife.

But, overall, this is a great feature debut for director James that suggests great things to come for this new director.


Ghost is on Amazon Prime now.