• Sebastian Mann

Free Toronto Holocaust Film Festival ‘Liberation75’ is Now Underway

Liberation75, a virtual film festival that seeks to educate on the Holocaust through cinema, is live until May 15.

The event, running in partnership with the Toronto Jewish Film Foundation, is hosting over 25 films from 1940 to 2019.

The wide variety of films showcased, which range from Alain Resnais’ harrowing 1956 death-camp documentary Night and Fog to recent international historical dramas like 2018's Sobibor, are completely free to watch.

Not all films are available in the UK, but previously hard-to-find titles like the monolithic Belorussian war film Come and See (1985), which tells the story of the brutal Nazi occupation of a small village in the East, are included.

Alongside the powerful line-up of films, there are exclusive talks and introductions provided by a wide range of filmmakers and scholars, with lead actor Aleksey Kravchenko giving an insightful introduction to Come and See.

You can attend the festival online through Liberation75’s website.