• Kieran Burt

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022) Review

Forget that other film - the real multiverse of madness has arrived...

Everything Everywhere All At Once (henceforth known as EEAAO) has finally arrived in our multiverse, and it is a feast for the senses. While it certainly bombards the audience with - surprise, surprise - everything everywhere all at once, at the centre of all the madness is an emotional film about Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang, an everyday person trying to maintain a complicated family life and failing business.

In its 2 hour 20 minute runtime, EEAAO makes the most of the true madness and wacky nature of its multiverse, unlike another recent multiverse film. There is horror, comedy, kung-fu action, and so much more.

Multiverse films can often get very complex very fast, and EEAAO is no different. The narrative moves at a breakneck pace, with the film demanding audience engagement to keep up with what’s happening. It’s the type of movie that prompts several rewatches in order to capture everything on screen. There are small moments for audiences to breathe, though these are not often - but you really don't mind, because you're simply happy to enjoy the ride.

More films should learn from the success of EEAAO - instead of relying on references, build a story that people truly care about

Another area where this film excels is in its diversity. Actors like Ke Huy Quan have been left behind by a Hollywood that doesn’t give Asian actors enough of a chance to shine. Hopefully this film, alongside the likes of Crazy Rich Asians, proves that there is profitability in representation.

Quan shoulders the majority of the exposition, but he delivers it in a way that is natural way to the story and avoids overwhelming the audience. His character of Waymand Wang is easily the true star of the show. All the cast members effortlessly switch between different versions of themselves, but Waymond has the biggest range to cover - being effortlessly confident in one universe, but more nervous in the next. Yet there is one key characteristic that remains constant: his sense of kindness, and the strength that it gives him. He also has the best action scene in the film, demonstrating the devastating nature of a seemingly innocuous object.

Overall, EEAAO truly delivers on the promise of its premise. Many films struggle to live up to their full potential, so it is a bright moment when one does More films should learn from the success of EEAAO - instead of relying on references, build a story that people truly care about.