• Charlie Vogelsang

Desire Path (2020) Review

Driven by desire, a woman is led to welcoming a handsome vampire into her house in this arthouse film.

Written and directed by Marjorie Conrad, Desire Path is a film about a woman and her desires that lead her to welcome an alluring demon into her home. Desire Path is the definition of an arthouse film with minimal dialogue and an elliptical plot.

As mentioned, the audience has to fill in the narrative gaps in the story and interpret the film themselves. Desire Path starts with a woman named Lana, played by Amy Deanna, who finishes work and heads home. As she arrives at her house, she stares in the mirror for a long time. We see her react to the music and the world around her. It’s breathtaking to watch as every shot looks like a meticulously selected art piece.

The problems start with the constant fading to black as Desire Path begins to just feel like a selection of art videos displayed at a show. It becomes repetitive and predictable as we see Lana wonder into the dark forest and become seduced by a vampire. Along the way, Lana’s friend keeps coming to visit and tries to help her, but she is too far gone in her desire for the creature of the night. There is nothing innovative or brave about the film, it just feels like a mess.

Surreal and scary images are thrown at you, but it’s images you’ve seen so many times before

By the 30 minute mark, it just feels completely pretentious and drawn out as something that could’ve been shot better in less time. If the film was condensed by half, Desire Path would be a unique picture with an interesting perspective. Sadly, it’s dragged out by almost an hour which just feels tedious - and you’ll find yourself just wanting to switch it off.

The use of minimal dialogue is a bold choice that works well with the actors as everyone manages to express themselves or give us an insight without speaking, but the plot and overall visuals just aren’t fun enough to keep you invested.

Surreal and scary images are thrown at you, but it’s images you’ve seen so many times before, to the point where it almost feels like a parody.

Desire Path is a film with masterful performances, but the directing and visuals just don’t match up. You’ll find yourself bored after half an hour, just wishing for it to end. The theme of desire as a guiding force is a clever concept if done right. Unfortunately, Desire Path is an overblown and pompous film that tries too hard without offering anything different - making it an arthouse that fails to wow.


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