• Kieran Burt

Desert Sky (2022) Review

This ambitious pilot could lead to something special in the future...

Desert Sky is a science-fiction web pilot made by newly launched Seventh House Productions. The plot centres around Sky, who steals an enchanted flower, summoning an unwanted visitor to a creatively-crafted extraterrestrial world.

Ezekiel Ajeigbe is the highlight of the pilot. His appearance is initially presented as a mystery, seemingly as a bad guy, even, but it is later shown to be that of a loving father. His display anchors the film in reality, exploring more the separation of parents and the effect that can have on a child than the sci-fi situation at hand. This keeps the characters relatable to the audience, and stops them from becoming robotic.

The web pilot is successful in engulfing the audience into this ambitious new sphere

Desert Sky’s visuals make its world-building pleasing on the eye, with mundane earthly objects given an other-worldly feel in creative ways. A real standout is that of the main city, which is consistently fun to explore.

The mark of any good pilot is that it hooks the audience in - it's intriguing to see what will happen next - and that is certainly the case here. A lot is left open to explore, giving any further series room to breathe and a sense of direction. It sets up the universe they are in extremely well - without replacing every word with sci-fi themed jargon, there is still enough to make it feel like its own distinct setting.

Overall, the web pilot is successful in engulfing the audience into this ambitious new sphere. The effects on display make the pilot pleasantly satisfying, and a cliffhanger ending makes sure that viewers will want to come back to see what happens next. It’s a job very well done.