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Creators of Long Time Dead Productions Discuss Setting Up Their Brand New Company

Sam Landon and Katie Glaister, founders of Long Time Dead Productions
Credit: LTD Productions

For many people, the thought of setting up a production company in the middle of a pandemic would seem like something of a risk.

Yet for Sam Landon and Katie Glaister, founders of Long Time Dead Productions, it felt like a necessity.

A forced break from doing what they love encouraged them to take the leap so they could create their own opportunities, keep themselves busy and push their careers forward. When it comes to following your dreams, it seems there is no bad time to take a chance.

“We’re both actors and had this sudden period where no auditions were coming in and it didn’t look like that was going to change in a hurry,” they explain.

“We started chatting through ideas for a short film and the thought of producing it under a company instead of as individuals made us more excited.

“It felt like a more open-ended opportunity this way, and one that could lead somewhere beyond the life of the short.”

The desire to make their mark in a field they’re passionate about has influenced both creators throughout their lives, and it played such a role in their decision-making for Long Time Dead that it even determined the name of the company.

“Sam’s grandad worked a job he wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about all his life and he always used to say, ‘You’re a long time dead. But worse than that, you’re a long time working, so you might as well work at something you love.’

“It was his way of saying, ‘Be different to me,’ I guess.”

However, the pair admit that setting up a brand new business is a challenging process that “has its moments”, demanding a lot of hard work and perseverance.

It’s all a small price to pay for your dreams though, they add.

“Organising, fundraising and even just the logistics of meeting people have been troublesome,” they say.

“You can get ‘Zoomed out’ for sure, although I think that’s how everyone feels right now.

"We’re keen to collaborate with as many new artists as possible - we love it when people reach out"

“Really, it’s been amazing to have something to keep busy with for one and, more importantly, to learn about the other side of the creative process - we’ve both found it fascinating and it’s feeding into our work as actors as well.

“So all in all, we’ve loved it.”

Now that Long Time Dead is fully up and running, the couple are hoping to crack on with some exciting projects.

Their main aim will be to get smaller-budget films in front of bigger audiences, and tell unique and interesting stories in the process.

“Now we’ve shot our first film Being There and we’re in the edit room with director Geoffrey Breton, and then it’s looking to get it off to festivals and so on. We’ll be keeping everyone updated on our website and through Instagram.

“Longer term will be to continue developing a play that’s been spinning round Sam’s head for ages.

“We also have a screenplay for a feature that we’ve been developing, that’s really close to Katie’s life in particular and will be a really special project, but we’re keen to collaborate with as many new artists as possible; writers, directors, composers, other actors - we love it when people reach out.”

You can find out more about LTD Productions on its website.