• Daniela Loffreda

Chinese Cinema Season is Underway

Source: chinesefilm.uk

Trinity Cineasia has collaborated with Filming East Festival and UK-China Film to stream three months of Chinese language films.

The screening takes place from 12 February to 12 May and marks the Chinese New Year.

It is the largest online screening specialising in Chinese language films in the UK and Europe.

Trinity Cineasia managing director Cedric Behrel said: “In this great lull for cinemas, we have been thinking of how we could engage with our audience in a more meaningful and sustained way, sharing not only recent releases, but our deeper love for Chinese cinema over decades of history.”

The festival opens with four sections: Shanghai Animation Film Studio Retro, Approaching Reality, Debut Spotlight and Domestic Hits.

They will later be joined by Lou Ye Mini Retro, Hong Kong Reimagined, Cinephilia Forever and other surprises.

The streamed titles include Fishing Child, A First Farewell and Youth.

Conservations with UK-Film Collab and Filming East Festival inspired Mr Behrel to create something longer than an ordinary festival.

There are over 50 film screenings showcasing the best of Chinese cinema.

He added: “We hope this ambitious, three-month long programme will provide an opportunity for enjoyment to everyone – from the familiar faces, narratives and directors to the excitement of discovering little seen or new gems.”

New titles are added each week to the streaming list.

Individual film tickets or season passes are available for purchase.

Selected movies are available for free.

For more information visit www.chinesefilm.uk