• Charlie Vogelsang

Blink (2022) Review

Mary wakes up after being violently pushed from a window, only to find out that she is almost completely paralysed - only able to blink to communicate. Everyone’s worst nightmare is finally realised in film.

As one of the first short films to come out of Screen Gems (Sony Pictures’ genre label) and Ground Control’s horror film lab Scream Gems, Blink is a horror film that dives into one woman’s nightmare as she realises that she is paralysed - aside from being able to blink. The latest from Spenser Cohen, this is the second short film from the director after his debut with Shattered.

When a short film doesn't feel long enough, that’s when you know it’s a great effort

The premise of the film is simple but haunting. A woman, named Mary (played by Sophie Thatcher) wakes up after being violently pushed from a window. She finds out that she is trapped inside her own body but still retains her intelligence and her wits. Sadly, she is unable to communicate or move her body.

Throughout the short, she tries to warn the nurse (played by Alicia Coppola) that something sinister is after her. Thankfully, most of this ‘show-don’t-tell’ approach works effectively, allowing us to witness everything happen without the need for unnecessary exposition. It’s refreshing to watch and the audience are put in the place of Mary - being helpless to do anything.

The overall performance of the character Mary is subtle but heartbreaking. Not everyone can act well with just a few hidden expressions - but Thatcher manages to put this off well. She is entirely believable as a character that is trapped with the subtlest look of fear.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a great horror film without tremendous sound. Ultimately, all the ambient noises mix well with the eerie sounds to create something truly terrifying. The music isn’t overly obnoxious and finds the perfect blend of tension and suspense, with a genuine payoff similar to James Wan’s Insidious.

When a short film doesn't feel long enough, that’s when you know it’s a great effort. From the incredible acting from Thatcher to the amazing cinematography, everything in Blink is brilliant - and is something you do not want to miss.


You can watch the full film here