• Kieran Burt

Bernie (2011) Review

Bernie is a film that mixes Jack’s Black’s incredible acting with actual interviews taken from townspeople that live in Carthage, Texas.

This is a mockumentary, meaning there are some realistic elements (like the aforementioned interviews) combined with creative license. The film itself tells the story of the loveable Bernie Tiede (Black), who kills Marjorie Nugent. The District Attorney (Matthew McConaughey) finds it hard to prosecute Bernie, as the whole village doesn’t believe he is capable of such an act.

While this film is not overly funny, only generating a few chuckles in certain moments, it is a great watch. Black is a delight, and so is McConaughey. Shirley MacLaine delivers an excellent performance as Marjorie, capturing the manipulative coldness of the titular character.

However, the comedic tone does make light of a distressing incident, especially for Mrs Nugent’s family, who are still alive. They dispute the portrayal of Mrs Nugent in the film.

Overall though, while this film isn’t overly funny, it does introduce the audience to interesting historical events - and the main three cast all turn in stand-out performances which fully deserve the awards they won.