• Charlie Vogelsang

A Casa (2020) Review

A small-time Criminal, named Nanu, gets involved in a robbery committed by his colleague and ends up crossing paths with a perplexing woman in a curious house in this Spanish arthouse film.

The first featured film from Spanish director Raül Busquets, A Casa is a suspenseful crime drama with horror elements, and follows a man named Nanu who is played by Nanu Ferrari. Nanu ends up getting involved in a robbery committed by his colleague and ends up meeting a mysterious woman in a strange house along the way.

A Casa opens with Mabel, played by Christina Bauer, as we see her mentally tormented while standing in a huge empty house. The opening sets a premonition of the horror coming later before cutting to Nanu. He is shown performing for children in a park while his partner in crime Peque, played by José García Ruiz, wakes up from the premonition. Peque is clearly jolted, but shakes it off as a dream as he continues as normal.

Every character is so well-rounded that even the pimp is given multiple dimensions

Over time, A Casa becomes a horror film with some supernatural elements thrown in. Murders and surreal imagery begin to appear, and it’s quite terrifying to watch. The music arrangement by Fran Villalba is utterly fantastic. The use of piano, violin and cello really set the tone for each scene. The soft music at the start utterly contrasts the eerie sounds during the horror scenes, which just fit so well.

A Casa, also known as Beyond Home in English, has a great cast with some outstanding performances. Bauer as Mabel is just so relatable when we learn more bits about her, and you’ll find yourself sympathising with her character so much. Every character is so well-rounded that even the pimp, played by Txema Lorente, is given multiple dimensions as you see him being an utter scumbag while also showing kindness.

After watching the film, the ending and everything leading up make a lot more sense. The twists and the resolution of it all will completely shock you. Sadly, some sequences leading up feel a bit disjointed, with the horror and 'slice of life' moments feeling awkwardly intertwined. Yet it makes up for it at the end of the film. Don’t expect a horror that’ll make you scream, but A Casa will definitely make you feel things.


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