About Us

Hello there. We’re IndieVisible, and we're a website and e-zine dedicated to putting every film into the spotlight. We specialise in independent and small budget movies, and we aim to provide behind-the-scenes content and exclusive interviews with the most talented filmmakers in the business, as well as the latest news and reviews from across the screen industry. 



We’re always looking for new submissions to IndieVisible, so if you’re an upcoming journalist, critic or film fanatic, please get in touch with your ideas.


Sadly, as we’re a brand new site, we cannot pay for submissions at this time. However, we will work hard to get to a place where we can fund our contributors, and in the meantime we will offer exciting benefits including screeners and interview time with talent across the film industry.

Please pitch your ideas to indievisiblemagazine@gmail.com


If you would like to get your latest feature film, short or online project into the spotlight, please get in touch. We aim to give a platform to all filmmaking talent across the industry, so we will aim to cover anything that comes our way - the more obscure, the better! 

Please send details of your project to indievisiblemagazine@gmail.com 


Meet the Team

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Charlie Vogelsang

Guest Writer

I am a freelance writer focusing on everything from film to fashion. I am a huge fan of East Asian cinema and anything horror related. A few of my favourite films include Rashomon, Infernal Affairs, Whisper of the Heart and Kikujiro. I love cinema and I'm happy to give every film a chance - as long as it entertains!

Jack Proverbs

Social Media Editor

I’m finishing my final year of Journalism at Nottingham Trent University and I love everything film and TV. As a social media addict, I love using Twitter and Instagram to share our thoughts about films to give people insight into what they can expect. Favourite indie film: The Blair Witch Project. Favourite film: Shrek 2 -
because it’s hands down the best film in animation history.


Jack Francis

Chief Writer

I’m Jack Francis and I bloody love movies. They’re just the best, and I'm looking forward to writing about them for IndieVisible. My favourite films are The Rider, In The Mood for Love, Shame, and Manchester by the Sea. 


George White


I'm a film writer, editor and fan, and in typical Film Twitter fashion, my favourite movie is Lost in Translation. I love cinema and I want to make sure everybody's hard work is seen by as many people as possible, which is why I helped to create IndieVisible.

Chris King


Designer and lover of all things film, it’s safe to say I’m enjoying life at IndieVisible. Best indie film: Good Will Hunting. Favourite film: Forrest Gump. Biscuit of choice: Jammie Dodgers (other biscuits are available, but are they better?).